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Cap NY Property Taxes: A Citizen's Guide

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Click here to read the Governor's report on the first year of the state's property tax cap.

Last June, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo passed the historic property tax cap. The law requires the local governments and school districts to raise taxes no more than 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. As important is that the tax cap is not a dictate from Albany. Communities may raise or lower property taxes according to the needs of the community. If the taxpayers want to pay more taxes they can, and they can override the cap with a 60 percent vote for schools and by a 60 percent vote of the governing body for local governments.

The critical part of the tax cap is that it has stimulated community dialogue in property taxes like never before. People are now paying attention and communities are engaged in the process like never before. This website will help inform, educate and stimulate the debate—providing citizen empowerment tools to find ways to reign in out-of-control property taxes. Finally, the tax cap help will put the odds in favor of the taxpayer and they deserve it, because the deck has been stacked against the taxpayers for too long.

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