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1. Out of the top 15 counties that pays the highest property taxes in the nation (when measured as a percentage of home value), how many are in New York State?

2. Which county pay the highest taxes in the nation, when measured in total dollars paid?

3. What percentage above the national average do New Yorkers pay in taxes?

4. New Yorkers have been voting with their feet and leaving the state. In the past decade, how many people have left the state?

5. Approximately how many local government entities are there in New York State?

6. Outside of New York City there is 1 local government for how many people?

7. If New York had implemented a property tax cap around the same time Massachusetts enacted its tax cap in 1980, how much would New Yorker's have approximately saved in property taxes?

8. Which county has the most local governments in New York State?

9. From 2005 to 2009 the average property tax increase for all governments and schools districts was approximately 5 percent. The median sale price of a home, on the other hand, decreased during the same time by how much?

10. The Commission for the Revision of Tax Laws stated in a report that there are “too many units of local government,” resulting in the “duplication of functions, overlapping areas, overlapping authority and overlapping debt.” What year was the report released?